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The club has a range of competitions for all standards:

The Summer Grand Prix – A unique, social competition for both new players and old hands alike that gives everyone the chance to meet other members. Approximately 14 teams of five players compete against each other throughout June – September. The teams are mixed ability with stronger players playing at number one in the team and the newer players at number five.

Triple Bat Bash - A new competition introduced in 2023. Players receive a handicap and compete against each other in Squash, Racketball and Table Tennis to determine the overall winner of the 3 sports.

Squash Mini-Leagues – A popular competition running throughout the year. You just join the league at the level that suits you and play the other players over a five to six week period. If you win then you go up to a higher league.

Club Handicap (Squash and Racketball) – A cup knockout that divides into the main competition and a ‘Plate’ competition after the first round. All entrants are given a handicap so you have a chance of winning against a better player… or losing against a weaker player.

Club Championship (Squash and Racketball) – It’s the same structure as the handicap except you play everyone off level to find out who is the club No 1.  We usually run separate men’s and women’s championships.

Racketball Mini-Leagues – The same structure as for squash but for those players who prefer a larger ball and a smaller racket!

Veteran’s Competition – Held annually, around the start of each New Year, this is possibly the most gruelling competition of them all! It’s handicapped and takes place over one day, with a league qualifier and then a knockout. So you can end up playing quite a few games if a lot of people turn up.

Mens, Mixed and Women's Team Squash and Racketball - As well as the club competitions we also enter Old Crocs’ Mens & Ladies teams in the Kirklees Calderdale Squash & Racketball League across the full spectrum of abilities.

Yorkshire League - In Winter 2023 we will also be entering a team into the prestigious Yorkshire League.

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